Okke S.

Dad.   Lawyer.   Photographer.   ISTP.

Trust me, I'm a lawyer. But more importantly, I'm the husband of Loes and proud dad of Joep and Pim.

I get a kick from solving extensive, concrete problems. Uninterested in abstract theories. Analytical and logical problem solver. Practical and pragmatic.

I don't take nearly as much photographs as I'd like to. Enjoy listening to podcasts during my commute. Longtime Muppets fan. Technology geek, but don't tell anyone...

Currently living in Amsterdam South2 (Amstelveen for locals) but I feel equally at home in New York, Shanghai and Kössen.

Random piece of music that just really made my day.

A bit introvert. Not shy but I just prefer to think first before talking on Mount Stupid.

And when I finally grow up someday, I want to learn to fly.